In this digital age,
we believe there's a better
way to tell your story.

In this digital age, we believe there’s a better way to tell your story.

Tech Image is an award-winning digital PR agency that connects your brand to the right people. We offer solutions that grab attention, change minds and build meaningful relationships.



Tech Image leads the digital PR field by combining a team of seasoned PR professionals, the most advanced media tools available and pure creativity. Planning, pitching, tracking and reporting software show clients the end-to-end impact of their PR outreach.


Our team combines social media data insights from your business, your industry and your competitors to reach the precise audience that will grow your business. By combining these tactics with our PR efforts, we ensure the right people are hearing, seeing and engaging with your story.


We use insights gathered from deep-dive analytics specific to your brand and industry best practices to develop high-quality content that will resonate with your target audience. From case studies and blogs to infographics and graphic design, our team creates the content we already know your audience is asking for.


A clear brand strategy is a key driver of success; how are customers supposed to understand your differentiating factors if you don’t? Our team of strategic communications experts will help refine your brand and clarify your message across every touchpoint to ensure you make an impression that lasts.

Electric Bikes Gain New Ground at GoPro Mountain Games

Tech Image partnered with Bosch eBike Systems to debut electric bikes to a new audience at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. The integrated media, social media and digital influencer plan resulted in a surge of eBike demos at the event and months of ongoing residual buzz.

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Connecting Consumers to Bosch’s Connected Thermostat

In August 2017, Bosch Thermotechnology announced the Bosch Connected Control Thermostat (BCC100) as its first business-to-consumer product. In order to break into the consumer market, Bosch partnered with Tech Image to generate buzz around the BCC100, which resulted in four favorable top-tier reviews – totaling 55 million unique visitors per month.

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