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A Guide to the Three Main Types of Media Outlets

By March 13, 2019 August 28th, 2019 No Comments

As a public relations professional, we have no shortage of opportunities to get our clients in front of the media – whether it’s when the client has a new product release or a company announcement, or because breaking news creates an opportunity to position one of their executives as an expert on the situation.

As your team brainstorms pitching campaigns, you can pitch three different categories of media outlets to put your client in front of the right audience: trade publications, tier-one media, and tier-two media.

Trade Publications

Trade publications cover specific industries or sectors, such as construction, facility management, manufacturing, security, food and beverage, hospitality, technology and more. They publish business-to-business (B2B) content, such as company and/or industry news, thought leadership articles and industry trends, and may be print, digital or both.

Getting your client published in trade publications is a great way for leaders in the same field to see who your client is and what they bring to the industry. For example, bylines are great to pitch to the trades, as they show your client is a thought leader in the industry.

Tier-One Media

As a PR professional, one of your biggest goals is to get your client placed in the most well-known media publications and newspapers, such as TechCrunch, Fortune, the New York Times, Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal. These types of news sources are known as tier-one media. Landing your client in a tier-one publication is gold; it gets the company high-level exposure and builds credibility.

There are a few key media relation strategies to keep in mind when reaching out to these notable media outlets and journalists. PR daily noted five ways to help land top-tier media coverage; read these tips and use them wisely.

Metropolitan Newspapers

Metropolitan news outlets are more localized publications that cover news pertinent to a specific area. For example, the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Herald or the Los Angeles Times qualify as metropolitan news outlets.

When pitching these type of outlets, remember you must position your client using a local perspective. Most local newspapers and publications will only cover news that is relevant to that city/region.

For example, say a local government official announces there needs to be a change in K-12 education methods to help raise students’ grades. If your client is in education technology, you can position them as an expert who can comment on how ed-tech engages students in the classroom and can help raise their grades.

As you get ready to plan your next pitching campaign, don’t forget there are a time and a place to utilize all three types of media outlets.

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