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5 Ways PR Interns Boost Your Agency’s Effectiveness

By October 23, 2018 August 28th, 2019 No Comments

Public relations is a fast-paced, ever-changing business that thrives on fresh ideas – which is why bringing in youthful energy is key to boosting an agency’s effectiveness.

Here are five reasons PR agencies need interns.

Interns bring a fresh mind to challenge the status quo

Interns aren’t just new, young faces around the office; they also bring with them a wealth of unique college experience and a readiness to challenge the mentality of “this is the way we’ve done it for years.” PR agencies can get so caught up in their tried-and-true methods that they lose sight of potential innovation, and interns are a fresh set of eyes that can often see room for improvement that management can’t.

Interns are tech-savvy and quick to learn

It’s simple: If you aren’t tech-savvy in this business, you fail. Luckily enough, your young interns were raised in the digital age, and are always at the forefront of innovative technologies. When a new social media tools arise, interns are quick to learn and use them to your company’s advantage.

Interns add a new network of brand advocates for your firm and clients

When you bring on a new intern, you also add a new advocate for your firm without even trying. They can spread the good word about your agency, as well as your clients, to their friends and upcoming college graduates.

Additionally, interns often go back to their universities to speak about post-graduate experiences, giving your agency a new pipeline to the top graduating talent. If you’re looking to grow, interns have the potential to move you into the fast lane.

Mold your newest employee from the ground up

An intern doesn’t come with tons of experience; that’s why they’re not full-time employees. But what better way to bring on an employee than to slowly mold them through an internship program?

When they’re ready for full-time responsibilities, they’re already familiar with your clients, organization and methods – making your agency more efficient from the ground up.

Save money, time and keep your employees longer

A 2017 study from NACE found that employers who hired interns from within had around a 20% higher 5-year retention rate than employers who hired from outside. When you hire from your intern pool, the agency can save thousands of dollars in training, hiring and turnover costs.

If you don’t want to get stale, hiring interns is your best and most cost-effective road to innovation.

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