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A Tale of Two Facebook Pages

By April 7, 2009 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

I came across this piece on earlier today:  Facebook Users Show Two Faces

Check out not only the article, but the comments below for interesting counterpoints.  The author discusses the trend of people my age creating two separate facebook pages- one for business and one for personal use. 

I have in the past subscribed to this school of thought- and currently have two separate pages, but after reading a few of the comments, I'm beginning to reconsider.

Should people my age(early-mid 20's) be concerned with what is posted on our personal page in potentially plain view of bosses and clients?  Should we look at our friends as liabilities, delete our walls and hide our pictures?  Or is the best solution to keep the 'flavor' of a personal page in public view, and employ Facebook's filtering tools and a bit of common sense?  Isn't part of the point of social media to share a bit of ourselves with the world?  

I'm interested in hearing what others have to think.

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