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ApologetiX Proves PR Value of Spoofing Great Songwriters

By May 21, 2009 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

My husband and I found ourselves at a rock ’n roll concert with a bunch of hippies and eardrum blasting speakers the other night, and had a blast! There was no smoke, no alcohol, and no profanity in the place. Much to our surprise, the artists, the ApologetiX Christian Parody Band, so closely mimicked the original artists that it was difficult to believe we weren’t listening to AC/DC, the Eagles and Kansas live. Until we heard the lyrics.

The Eagle’s “Hotel California” was changed to “Hotel Can’t Afford You,” and conveyed the story of Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth. “Eight Days a Week” by the Beatles outlined “Eight Ways to Be,” which the band humorously coined the “Be-Attitudes” from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. And, Elvis’s “Don’t Be Cruel” became “Don’t Be Fooled,” cautioning the audience not to fall for anything short of the real thing.
We left the concert with 10 of the bands CDs, and laughed all the way home at this band’s amazing musical and copywriting abilities. They were brilliant publicists, building on their talents and abilities to connect with an audience via the music the audience loved.

In reflecting back on the show, I wonder why more PR people don’t tap into the power of music to convey their messages. Believe it or not, the Supreme Court laid down some specific guidelines that make it legal to use the world’s most popular music, providing it fits the criterion of a parody, spoofing the original artist in some way. The entire transcript from Supreme Court ruling can be found here. More on the fair use of music parody can be found here.

Whether you like the ApologetiX message or not, I encourage you to check them out to better understand the power of this PR play. Their musical and copywriting ability seems to enhance the original artist, and make their message that much more attractive.

–Reviewed by Mary Conley Eggert

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