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There are many ways to attract investors in the tech space, and often, the difference maker is credibility – and the best way to build brand credibility in a noisy startup space is through digital PR.

Investors are keen newsreaders, so when your company pops into their feed or one of their daily newsletters, they take notice. Here are a few tips for building a brand through a tech PR strategy:

Find your audience and speak their language

First and foremost, decide who your customer is where they get their information. This can be through channels like mainstream and trade media, LinkedIn, and even trade shows. Do your homework, and hone in on your medium.

Find out what they care about, and speak to them in a way they can relate to. In the innovative tech space, it’s often best to avoid jargon, as well as boisterous, buzzword-ridden descriptions like “disruptive” and “revolutionary,” unless you can really back up that claim when the time comes.

Find your story and tell it to the right people

So you’ve identified your audience, now it’s time to take your story to the people. Keeping up on the latest news can help startups position themselves in the larger picture, but the competition is stiff. A PR team can assist in making the connections to journalists and show them your unique tilt in the industry.

Given the passion executives display, it can be hard to be objective about how exciting your business is. Winning a regional award won’t get you in the Wall Street Journal, but it can be a great tool for social media and attracting talent – and it boosts team morale.

Once your story is out there, the results may not be immediately apparent, but they start to become tangible when you get to a trade show, and folks are coming to your booth saying that they we first heard about you in the industry news.

Communicate your value and maintain the momentum

Every startup wants to launch with a big splash, but investing your entire budget into one project can leave you out of luck for the rest of the year, and then you become another lost voice in the noise. Real staying power comes from seeing your name pop up here and there, maintaining your relevance through the fundraising process.

A Digital PR team can add exceptional value to any tech company seeking investors by building out a robust, multi-pronged approach to build your brand. This is also true for growth-phase companies considering an exit. For more on that, check out our last post to see how Tech Image created over $6B in value for sellers and private equity firms through digital PR.

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