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What Content Performs the Best on Social Media Channels?

By June 3, 2019 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

Every social media channel holds unique opportunities for brands to make a splash and gain new fans – but each type of content performs differently, and what’s right for Facebook might not be right for LinkedIn.

Here’s a quick guide to key forms of content for your social networks.

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  • Photos: Photos work very well for Pinterest and Instagram, of course (as they’re both photo-based social sites), as well as on Facebook and Twitter (especially with a catchy caption or tweet).
    • They work for LinkedIn if the photos depict the right kind of scenes – a snap of members of the company participating in a charity event, or a photo of the team holding an industry award. The rule of thumb for images on LinkedIn is to keep it professional and tied to the business.
  • Videos: Short videos are great for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; HubSpot recommends 30 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds for Twitter, one minute for Facebook and two minutes for YouTube. Anything longer than three minutes is probably too long.
    • On LinkedIn, native videos tend to perform better, and you can put advertising dollars behind them to reach an even wider audience.
    • Of course, YouTube is king when it comes to videos, and also offers the opportunity to promote videos.
  • Videos (live): Instagram Live, Facebook Live and YouTube Live allow companies to stream live to their followers and engage with them in real time.
    • Live streaming isn’t necessarily right for every brand, and it shouldn’t be overused, but it’s incredibly easy to produce and seen as authentic.
    • Live videos aren’t supported on LinkedIn or Pinterest.
  • GIFs: Be careful here; GIFs are wildly popular and often very funny, but can come off too casual.
    • While they’re perfect for platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t support them at all, and they’re not always the right strategy in any case.
    • That said, you can create your own GIF to promote your brand personality and insights; teach your audience something; launch new products and service; or entice customers to follow you. It’s easy to do.
  • Articles and blogs: LinkedIn is a great platform for thought leadership, and so house-written articles and blogs, or guest posts from other experts that back up your messaging, are ideal for that site.
    • Written content doesn’t make sense for Instagram or Pinterest, but articles and blogs can work on Facebook (especially when paired with a captivating image), and on Twitter, provided they’re mobile optimized.
    • Get the most impact for your thought leadership by putting some advertising dollars behind your LinkedIn and Facebook article posts.
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