Public Relations

Public Relations

The Best Tools to Find UVM and Website Traffic

One of most basic functions of any business department is to demonstrate to management the value it adds to the overall business. This is no different for public relations, which justifies the investment in media relations and executives’ time with measurable results. In most instances, these results are a combination…
Jeff More
March 20, 2018
Public Relations

Three Tips for Pitching Tradeshows

From planning to implementation and everything in between, events both big and small can be extremely hectic for the PR professionals who manage them. As easy as it may sound to get media personnel to attend a briefing with your client, the reality is, it can be far from simple.…
Tech Image
February 6, 2018
Public Relations

How to Close the Diversity Gap in PR Agencies

Most people are aware that public relations is dominated by women, which helps make our industry one of the most dynamic and progressive. But diversity is much broader than gender, and most PR agencies fall short of diverse employment, impeding their ability to hire the best talent and represent the…
December 18, 2017