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Social Media Targeting: How to Choose the Right Platform

By January 30, 2017 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

Between Twitter shutting down Vine and the seemingly constant stream of new social platforms vying to be the next Facebook, a lot of clients are asking us, “Where should we focus our resources?”

They’re not alone either. Google search results reveal more people asked this question than ever before just this past December. As more networks pop up, more confusion arises amongst businesses.

We wish there was one simple catch-all answer, but like everything in marketing, it depends on your specific business goals and the audience you’re trying to reach.

At Tech Image, we evaluate social media networks based on three key factors:

  1. Audience size
  2. Audience demographics (is your customer/client base on this network?)
  3. Budget

I can hear you saying, “Budget? But isn’t it free to set up a social media account?” and yes — you are correct! But while it may be free to set up the account, most networks require in order to reach your fan base or grow your audience. A little advertising also goes a long way on social media, as it can jump-start engagement numbers among key audiences with little investment.

The first question clients always ask us is, “Shouldn’t everyone be on Facebook?” Mostly, the answer is yes. The sheer number of people on Facebook is larger than any one nation on earth, allowing you to reach the large majority of your target audience on one network.

Their ever-expanding offerings also make it attractive, as you can share your content organically, create events, gain insights on your audience demographics both online and offline, stream live video and much more.

Evaluating new social media networks is always a difficult task. However, there is some credence to being an early adopter as a company, since most network start off reaching your entire audience at no cost before shifting to an algorithmic approach with advertising being the only way to reach the same people.

The downside is you may start expending a lot of time to a network that either doesn’t have the longevity (sorry, ello and soon-to-be Peach), or shuts down after a few years (sorry, Vine). Our recommendation is to set up a page on all new social media sites, mainly to secure your name/URL, and then wait for the audience to follow.

Overall, what social media networks should you be on to achieve your business goals? Shoot us a note and we’d be glad to chat more on our recommendation for your unique business.

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