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How Does Your Brand Stack Up Against Today’s Digital PR Best Practices?

By July 23, 2019 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

There are a lot of agencies out there who serve their clients incredibly well. But there are only a handful, just one in Chicago I might argue, that leverages a core set of Digital PR Best Practices in the way that Tech Image does for its clients.

Here’s a quick checklist to compare how your current activities (or your current agency) stacks up against the latest in Digital PR Best Practices and the innovation that goes into the practice of professional public relations today:

  • Strategic Positioning: Have you identified a clear, unique and differentiating message that is compelling to your audience and found easily online? Are you using keywords that your customers use to search for the products and services you sell? How you define your business value is both digital and strategic, and this is where many companies fail to use digital best practices. Remember, your brand’s positioning is not your boilerplate. If you can replace another brand’s name with yours, it’s not unique enough to differentiate it in a crowded marketplace.
  • Have a Unique Perspective and Invest in a Content Strategy: Is your content provocative, challenging and insightful? Are you integrating the keywords your customers use to search for your services? All content lives online and is indexed by the search engines. Are you a leader of the conversation attracting buyers back to your site? Here’s a simple activity that anyone can use to develop a thought leadership program. Read the front page of the Wall Street Journal or any prominent trade industry publication and ask yourself “what would my CEO think of this.” If you think they might have a perspective on the headline, you may have found yourself your next blog post or long-form article.
  • Have a Compelling Story to Tell: Ask yourself “Why would the audience care about this information?”
  • Conduct Keyword Research in Advance: The number one reason to integrate keyword research is to ensure you’re using the same language your customers use to search for and buy the services you sell. When you speak the same language as your customers, they’ll find your content more frequently and identify with how you present it.
  • Consider Digital Influencers on the Same Level as Traditional Media Outlets: These are highly influential writers and bloggers who may not be traditional journalists who reach key audiences. While it’s important to get traditional media coverage, if you’re not getting the digital influencers to share your content, you’re not covering the online marketplace well.
  • Leverage Social Media: Are you participating in the social media conversations that shape your industry? Are you even aware of them? Tracking and participating in these conversations help you connect with new customers and help your brand become associated with the key topics driving the industry.
  • Mobile: Can mobile viewers access and act upon your offers? If your content is not mobile-optimized, you’re inviting customers to go somewhere else.
  • Rich Media: Are you taking advantage of videos, photos, infographics and animation to increase engagement with your audience? Embed pictures and graphics in your press releases and thought leadership pieces, then be sure that you’re tagging them properly to help search engines prioritize your unique content.
  • Measurement: All of the best practices described above are measureable. Are you tracking this kind of data and learning which techniques drive the most engagement and sales? When your digital techniques are aligned with your business goals you’ll know which components of your plan lead to the greatest success.

If you’d like to learn more about how well you stack up, let Tech Image perform a communications audit to see what you’re doing well and the areas you might have some room for improvement. It’s a low-cost, limited engagement program. For more information, please e-mail me at

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