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Friend or Foe: Investing Time and Energy into a Company Blog

By May 30, 2017 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

Like many marketing and PR initiatives, a company blog sounds like a great idea and wonderful positioning tool – until you’re the one to own it and keep it fresh. But handled the right way, a company blog can be an effective tool for conveying brand messaging and complementing the other marketing tools and strategies in a company’s quiver.

To be sure, a company blog takes time and a devotion to maintain its appeal. But along with news releases, use cases, white papers and corporate backgrounders, a company blog can demonstrate the values and DNA of a brand.

To get a company blog right, marketing practitioners need to consider four things:

Keep the content externally focused on trends and market conditions, and less about marketing-speak

There is a lot of chatter about the greatness of a company’s products and services already on websites. What’s really refreshing, however, is what a company believes is its purpose in the world and how it is fulfilling that purpose. A company blog is a wonderful venue for demonstrating as much.

Keep the content fresh

While the immediacy and currency are matters of opinion, generally speaking, company blog copy should be refreshed every few days and definitely weekly.

Establish a content calendar and assign posts

To ensure that a company blog survives its first few months of life, the owner needs to establish a content calendar of topics assigned to specific people with deadlines. The people responsible for content need to understand the importance of providing relevant content by the due dates assigned. They should be incentivized to do so.

Spread the wealth

While it may seem efficacious to ghost-write the CEO’s blog post, a company blog will be more valuable for its genuineness and transparency in support of the brand. The people whose names appear on the posts should do the writing, while the marketing people can polish the copy. Moreover, many individuals, not just executives, should make their contributions. Each has a unique perspective. Hearing from someone in operations or shipping can lend a perspective about the company not immediately known to people in the C-suite. The marketing people responsible for the company blog need to explore their options and determine how to best match their communication objectives with their available resources of talent.
A company blog can seem like a daunting task, but its rewards are limitless. Besides offering a keen way for a company to espouse its values and showcase its market knowledge and thought leadership, it can also dress up a website –- aesthetically and from an SEO perspective. It’s definitely worth pursuing.


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