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Happy Go Lucky, the movie (if you can call it that)

By April 17, 2009 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

Typically when my wife and I go to an indy film, we are happy when we leave.  But not so with "Happy Go Lucky."   This film has won the hearts of reviewers everywhere.  Actress Sally Hawkins even was nominated for an Oscar.  But it is a totally pointless film.  If I had to write a one-word review, it would be: Pointless.  Sure, the idle banter in the opening scenes was fun and we perked up with high expectations.  But that feeling quickly faded, the way I hope hapless director Mike Leigh's career fades.

Where do I start.  Hmmm, no plot development, no character development, no climax or resolution, no connective tissue that holds these scenes together.  No editor either, apparently because some scenes like the one where Sally spends time with a homeless person just don't fit the film very well.  And you spend two hours waiting for a payoff that never comes.  When I could tell the credits were about to roll I looked at my wife in amazement because it was just that bad.  Ugh.  My wife thought it was terrible too and actually she was so disappointed that she wanted to write this review.  Beat ya to it, Mary! 

How can anyone even put this in the same category with recent indy films that rock, like the film "Once."  Don't rent Happy unless you need to get some sleep.

Reviewed by Lawren Markle, Tech Image

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