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How Working in Construction Technology PR Changed How I See the World

By May 21, 2019 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

I’ve worked in different areas of communications for my entire career – but few things have impacted my world view more than my time working in the construction technology industry. Recently, Tech Image signed the Window and Door Manufacturers Association as a new client, adding the prestigious organization to other leading construction tech companies with whom we’ve worked over the past several years, including Bosch Power Tools, Bosch Thermotechnology, OLFA, Skilsaw and Drill Doctor. We enjoy the opportunity to help companies who are helping build America, in a very literal way, tell their stories more effectively and efficiently.

Working with companies like these changes your perspective on the construction industry, and about how, when and where we build. It’s to the point that I can’t sit down and watch a home renovation show the way I used to – but in a great way. With that in mind, here are 5 ways that working in construction PR has changed the way I view the world:

  1. The color of power tools has new meaning. When I used to work around the house or even watch an HGTV program, a drill was a drill and it was just like any other drill. Now, not only am I familiar with the brands that each color tool represents, I get awkwardly excited whenever I see someone using a blue power tool. I also get furious when a worksite is covered in excessive dust or someone uses a standard drill instead of an impact driver. I’m pretty great at parties now too.
  2. When shopping for a new home, my eyes are on the windows. Recently, while apartment shopping, my realtor showed me a high-rise with an amazing view of the Chicago skyline. Instead of standing and admiring the magnificent view of Michigan Ave., I was really only focused on whether the view included high-performance windows.
  3. In Chicago winters, I found the right way to stay warm. Chicago saw record low temperatures this past winter, but I didn’t freeze. Since I work with the construction pros, I learned how to stay warm like them. I may not be out working in the cold all the time, but when the time comes, I’m ready with my Bosch heated jacket.
  4. Where I used to see a bulky water heater, I see opportunity for new closet space. I wish I had learned about tankless water heaters so much earlier. Just thinking about how much space was wasted on my bulky tank makes me cringe – now I’ve got the perfect spot to store my power tools!
  5. Walking through Home Depot takes a lot longer. What was once a routine shopping trip is now a fun excursion where I can check out what’s new on the shelves, and even talk shop with some of the employees and contractors. When I bring my wife along, she laughs as I fist-bump all of the Bosch Power Tools on display.

Maybe it’s a bit much, but I’ve found that immersing myself into my clients’ industries helps me deliver results in a unique way that you can’t find a larger agency. Maybe I can’t watch Property Brothers the same way I used to, but working in construction PR has given me an insider’s look into how the world is built, and a profound respect for those that build it.

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