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Public Relations and Marketing are often seen as two different business entities with different goals. Traditionally — one is focused on building relationships with media and investors, while the other focuses on advertising, promotions. PR protects the brand reputation while marketing spent time attempting to drive sales.

Today, however, the lines between PR and marketing are becoming blurred. According to the 2018 Global Communications Report from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, 90% of PR agency professionals and 82% of in-house PR pros predict PR will become more integrated with marketing over the next five years.

So as we navigate this new environment, how can PR and marketing work better together?

Align marketing and PR goals

PR goals should align with those of marketing, as well as sales and other business functions. While strategies will differ, outcomes should be the same — whether it’s sales of a specific product, or impressions in a certain vertical. With results-focused objectives that match corporate initiatives, PR teams can produce content with strong purpose, and simultaneously improve marketing outcomes.

Meet and collaborate often

Any PR pro will always sing the praises of earned media, but the lasting value comes when you integrate into a digital marketing program. A media placement shared through social channels creates a win for everyone involved.

Through social metrics and interactions, PR can deliver valuable insights to sales and marketing, and the content is also valuable to sales teams trying to win over a curious prospect. To make the most impact, the PR team will need to work alongside classic content marketing techniques to create the kind of material helpful to your brand and your audience.

Keep the information flowing

For tech companies, especially, customers are doing tons of research online before making a commitment. With the amount of data available to marketing, PR can learn about the types of content, messages and delivery channels that best drive them to purchases. By sharing more information, PR can deliver more meaningful results to the corporation at large. They may even come up with new ways to deliver the company messaging to a particular audience.

The bottom line is that marketing and public relations help each other create ­optimum results, and they meld together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. In today’s data-driven digital PR landscape, agencies can collaborate with their partners at an unprecedented level and exceed their shared business objectives.

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