Merging GIFs is Easy as 1, 2, 3

By February 27, 2017Social Media

Running into a roadblock for social content is bound to happen at some point, so why not shake it up with a few assets?

Photos and videos are great, and GIFs are even better, but why not take it to the next level? When working with a client that has a physical product offering, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

GIF merges. No, this does not require any graphic design or Photoshop skills. All you need are two (or more) videos you’re looking to merge together into a single GIF and two key websites: and


Create your first GIF using GIPHY. Copy and paste your video link (or upload) through GIPHY. Select the frames you want to use and hit ‘CREATE GIF.’ Once that’s done, save it to your desktop and repeat this step for your second GIF.


Once you have those GIFs saved and ready to go, head on over to and select the ‘GIF Maker’ option at the top.


The screen will prompt you to choose your files. Locate the GIFs saved on your computer and using CTRL on your keyboard, you can select multiple files at once. Once you’ve found everything you need, it’s time to upload.


The next screen that pops up might look a bit overwhelming, but there’s really not much you have to do here, unless you were looking to use less frames or move them around, a nice feature offered by this site. Once you’re satisfied you can scroll down and hit ‘Animate It!’


TA-DA! Your merged GIF is now complete and ready to be used. Simply save and get to sharing! And if you want to take things a step further, you can play around with other features that the site has to offer, a few to highlight are listed below:

  • Speed – If the original GIFs you’re using are a bit long, you can speed up the merged GIF with this.
  • Optimize – Most social media platforms have a max upload data amount, this feature compresses your completed file, making it ideal for uploading. Use it and use it often!
  • Write – Adding text to your GIFs can help amplify your content as well.

Have some fun with these tools and see what works best for you and your client’s intended audience. If anything, you’ve learned a new trick to add your toolbox! Check out an example of a merged GIF we used for a client below:


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