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New Content is King for Google’s “Fresh Results”

By June 5, 2009 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

These days I feel like I can't get enough information on how to improve SEO. There are so many tips and tricks out there, and the tools and techniques are constantly changing.

In an effort to brush up on the latest SEO buzz, I recently attended a Webmarketing123 webinar on SEO. It was the first I'd heard of Google's new option to filter your Google search results. So now when your search results appear, you'll see a link right below the search bar called "show options". Click on that link, and various options to refine your search appear in the left-hand column.

Think you've mastered the Google/SEO game? Think again. Many of the options allow you to refine your search by date, or when new content was posted. Talk about shuffling the deck of Google results. Similiar to Google News, content can now be listed by modification date. So pages that were recently updated appear much higher on the list.

Try a search for yourself. You might end up blowing the dust off your blog and refreshing your website a little more often. Don't end up at the bottom of the Google pile!

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