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Positioning Your Business to Accelerate Growth

By March 1, 2016 March 27th, 2018 No Comments


We talk and write a lot about positioning at Tech Image, and it’s fun to find and read other perspectives on the topic.

There are several ways you can approach the writing of a positioning statement, but the fundamental outcome needs to convey your business value to customers in a way that’s differentiating and memorable. To this end, we like Martin Cogburn’s recent blog, A Positioning Statement Is Like A Compass.

Martin is the senior content strategist with Ontraport, the all-in-one business automation solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Martin says “Focusing on how your agency/service is unique is a far stronger positioning move than being cheaper or just vaguely “better” than the competition — and when done right, a gripping positioning statement can make all the difference.” That’s a great outcome.

So check out Martin’s blog, and you’ll also get a free checklist to help you craft your own unique positioning statement.


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