PR Hacks: How To Choose the Right Media Influencers

By October 24, 2016Public Relations

Traditional media relations practices rely heavily on traditional media metrics – who has the highest readership and the biggest circulation? As a PR professional today, if that metric is your only judge of character, you’re not doing your job.

We no longer live in a world where people only consume influential information from a trusted magazine, news website or blog. In order to truly speak to the masses, you have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

This is a media relations technique I like to refer to as getting more “bang for your buck,” or simply killing two (or more) birds with one stone.

First, Some Background

Some organizations – especially those with longtime, in-house PR managers – are very loyal to tradition. They have at least a dozen trade publications they would bend over backward for, lining up exclusive opportunities or shipping them expensive products to review. But is every influencer on that list truly garnering the most exposure?

It’s time for us as PR professionals to take a look at every platform our target influencers take advantage of. Does your favorite niche publication have 100,000 monthly readers, but it has no YouTube or Twitter presence, and their Facebook following is abysmal? That means the only exposure your organization will receive is on their website or in their magazine – so two, if you’re lucky enough to be included in their print issue that month.

On the other side of the coin, is there a blogger you tend to overlook because Cision or says their web traffic is only about 10,000 unique monthly viewers? Not so fast. Be sure to audit every one of their platforms. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve nearly overlooked a really rough looking blog only to find they have 250,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 25K followers on Twitter.

Bang for Your Buck

This leads me into the “bang for your buck” technique I alluded to earlier. When choosing your top media outlets for a big announcement, don’t necessarily choose publications based on their UVM and circulation numbers alone. At Tech Image, we’re always looking at the full landscape – who are the true influencers?

For product announcements, I’m looking for a publication with high website readers and potentially even higher YouTube subscribers and Instagram following. This way I get both a well-read article and highly-ranked video review. For other news, I want that high UVM along with an engaged Twitter following, with an extra emphasis on “engaged.” If that Twitter account has 25K followers but no trace of a retweet on any of their posts in a month, move on.

In the age of digital media, the number of print magazine subscribers is basically the last thing on my mind. It’s obviously a nice piece of coverage, don’t get me wrong. However, your organization can’t easily share that on their website, in marketing materials or on social media the same way as an online article or piece of video coverage.

Any questions? I’m happy to help. For more information on ensuring your team is using the latest digital media and social media strategies, and how Tech Image digital PR experts can help, contact us.

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