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PR Hacks: I Get by with a Little Help from Jing

By October 19, 2016 August 29th, 2019 No Comments

By Tech Image’s definition, a “PR Hack” is a software or tool that makes our jobs in the public relations industry more efficient and effective. The tool Jing embodies all of the qualities we consider a PR Hack and more. If you haven’t already heard of Jing, allow me to make the introduction.

Jing is a computer software/service that allows you to capture basic video, animation and still images, and share them via IM, email and social media. Essentially, it’s a screen capturing tool, not to be confused with a screen sharing tool.

With that being said, some of you may be thinking, “But Microsoft Office already has a screenshot function!” However, there are two main benefits of Jing that set it apart as the No. 1 snipping tool in my book of PR Hacks:

Easy Image AND Video Capture

Jing not only allows users to capture a still shot of their screen, but also record a video of it. Sometimes it can be hard to verbally communicate what you are doing and seeing, but with the help of Jing, users can take up to five minute videos of their screen. This function opens the door to many different screen sharing scenarios (try saying that ten times).

Running Repository

Jing also offers a history function that acts as a repository for all the images and videos taken using the software. I find this most helpful when I’m looking for a past photo/video that I know I took using the software. Having this history option narrows down all of the pictures and videos you would otherwise have to sift through in your documents.

While those are two of the main differentiators of Jing, there are also many others. The software is one of Tech Smith’s many product offerings; however, it is one of the few services that is completely free to download. Also, once you’ve downloaded Jing, it appears as a little ball of sunshine on your screen that you can drag and drop anywhere along the perimeter of your display, making it easily accessible, yet out of the way.

Want more PR Hacks? Check out the series. Plus, for more information on digital techniques, and how Tech Image digital PR experts can help, contact us.

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