PR Hacks: How to Code a ‘Click to Retweet’ Link

By March 29, 2016Social Media

We’ve all been there.

Your media relations team secures an excellent placement in a top-tier publication, so you send your leadership and sales team an enthusiastic email strongly encouraging everyone to share the win on social media.

The trouble is, nobody does it.

Digitally savvy PR agencies will incorporate pre-crafted “Click to Tweet” links with their placement reports, but even that has a couple shortfalls.

First, Click to Tweets don’t allow you to incorporate photos, which is vital today: Tweets with photos see 313 percent more engagement, according to Twitter. Second, if 30 employees actually tweet the exact same thing, it may looked canned. Finally, publications and brands just prefer to be retweeted because it elevates their brand. Having multiple people retweet the same post 10 or more times might encourage the editor to run a future article from your organization because of how another story performed socially.

So, how do you create an easy “Click-to-Retweet”? It’s not as simple as using a third-party service like or, but it’s also easy enough for anyone to grasp. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Creating a ‘Click to Retweet’ Link:

  1. Find the original tweet you want everyone to retweet.
  1. Snag the tweet ID number. To do this, find the post and click on the time/date it was posted. Now, in your browser’s URL, you can find and copy the long string of numbers.
    1. Example:
  2. Paste the number after the following URL to create the action code:
    2. Example:

It’s as easy as one, two, three! Now you can use that URL and hyperlink any portion of a report, email, website – or anything else, for that matter.

Happy retweeting!

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