PR Hacks: Reaching Influencers on the Trade Show Floor

Social Influencers with Cision

You’ve gotten your media list from the trade show organizer. You’ve assembled your pitch. You even have a number of appointments scheduled for your clients. You’ve done all you can do to maximize the number of meetings your company has with media attending the event, right?


What if I told you there is a “dark web” equivalent to setting up appointments with influencers attending trade shows. Influencers – traditional reporters and editors, or bloggers within your space – who can help tell your story.

Wouldn’t you want to connect with them, too?

Sometimes reporters attend shows without registering with the organizer. Sometimes they want to fly under the radar. Sometimes they may be there on a sponsored basis from another vendor at the show.

But, for whatever reason, they don’t appear on that trade show media list the event organizer’s PR team sent your way.

How do you find them? Cision Social Influencers.

Public Relations software and service provider Cision allows users to search by keywords to find digital influencers publishing content on a particular topic. Through refined searches, users can add filters to identify reporters specifically tweeting about a particular topic in a certain location.

When it finds results that correspond to certain search criteria, Cision generates a list of all of the influencers who tweeted with specific keywords or hashtags. Cision also includes all of the information available about that reporter, such as their name, title, twitter handle, email and influencer rank. The toll also provides the specific tweets (which is helpful in determining when the influencer is “not” covering a certain event), the date of the tweet, and the option to reply, retweet or share, right from the tool.

By using this feature, which has been available since 2012, Tech Image increased the number of trade show appointments for one client by 10 percent. For another client, the agency uncovered an executive with the association who also happened to be a contributor to U.S. News & World Report.

For more information about maximizing your media relations outreach at trade shows and how Tech Image can help, contact us.

Katie O’Rourke contributed to this story.

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