PR Hacks: How to Use TrendKite to Wow Leadership

Bosch TrendKite Dashboard

The work of PR pros is constantly called into question.  What is the ROI of a certain placement? How did a particular outcome impact a campaign? How do outputs translate into favorable outcomes?

TrendKite, a tool for monitoring and evaluating PR results, provides some answers. It should be used for monitoring and reporting, and can help determine the direction of PR programs based on the shares of voice for clients and their competitors.

It makes sense to get in the habit of analyzing client activity on a daily basis. TrendKite makes that possible. Such a discipline can elevate strategic thinking and assess competitive weaknesses.

For the purposes of our discussion here, we will focus on how to create a comprehensive overview report, which should include components like total mentions, share of voice over time, share of voice comparison, key messages, ad equivalencies and social amplification. Additional metrics can be added by visiting the “edit dashboard” link in the tool.

The second step is to filter out news releases, obits, sports and any other categories not pertinent to your clients.

At Tech Image, we also prefer to add a “top placements” dashboard to our TrendKite reports.  This dashboard highlights the articles we specifically delivered for clients.

Here is the process for adding these placements, in the event they are not picked up by the TrendKite search engine:

  • Add the code seq_id to the search component (step No. 2 under edit dashboard link referenced earlier)
  • Go into the total mentions widget and select each placement secured from the listing of articles
  • Right click the left arrow icon (right next to the star icon) for the placement and select “copy link location”
  • Copy/paste link into a separate browser, and select the chain of numbers at the end of the URL
    • Ex:
  • Add to search (step No. 2 under edit dashboard) within parentheses using Boolean language. Your window will look like this example (the “OR” separates the placements):
    • seq_id:(“461292099276” OR “459274486236” OR “449258244735” OR “6956” OR “463630559141” OR “463338301881”)
    • It should be color-coded with commands in pink and numbers in yellow; remember to add quotations

Once the top placements are added, PR pros can then create reports by clicking on the “Create Report” button.  Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

Want to overhaul your PR reporting and impress leadership? Contact Tech Image, and we can help!

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