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Press releases are an excellent way to communicate a message to a wide audience, while owning your own narrative and building up interest in your product or service. However, simply putting a release over the wire won’t cut it in today’s crowded media landscape – especially for tech companies.

Here are 4 quick tips for writing and leveraging an effective press release:

1. Write an Eye-Grabbing Headline

Journalists get hundreds of emails every day, and are doing monitoring on their own time as well. To make your news stand out, you need a catchy but informative headline. However, be careful to avoid being too boisterous or writing something that comes off as clickbait.

2. Don’t Bury the Lead

A cardinal rule of good journalism: put the most important information at the top. This should also be a golden rule for a press release: the information at the top should be what’s most important, and lead into the details. The intro should also be compelling enough to keep the reader from clicking away.

3. Include a Relevant Quote

Reporters like quotes, as it allows them to add perspective without going through a formal interview. Consider carefully who you want to position as the thought leader in this release – for example, if it’s a big company move, you’ll likely want someone from the C-Suite commenting. If it’s a product launch, consider a product manager or someone else who is the go-to expert for the product.

4. Put Some Media Relations Muscle Behind It

Wire distribution used to be the end-all for press releases. However, as countless companies put their well-crafted news over the same system, it takes more to stand out. Consider working with a media-savvy agency who can get more value out of your press release distribution with a robust media relations strategy.


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