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If you’re in the physical technology space (or consumer products of any sort) – press coverage of your product is important, but informing the public exactly why they should use your product is even more essential.

Reviews in the media are an excellent way to spread the word about your product, and provide valuable information through a third party about why a consumer should choose your product over another. A review that comes from a trusted source, such as an industry influencer, or well-regarded critic will carry even more weight for potential buyers.

However, approaching the review process in the wrong way could position your product in a negative light if you aren’t careful, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to help reviewing activity go smoothly:

DO: Your research.

Although it’s wonderful to have more word out about your products and company, look into each journalist and influencer carefully before sending a test product. For instance, a fitness journalist who has written about how much they dislike cardio workouts may not be the best option for your new treadmill. On the flip side, a lifestyle influencer who has expressed interest in getting in shape may like to try out your new fitness technology.

DON’T: Expect a 10/10 every time.

In order for customers to trust a review – it has to be honest, and most reviewers will understand this as they try out your product. If their overall rating is lower than you anticipated, take this as an opportunity to incorporate feedback to improve your product, and remember that the audience is likely to weigh the positives just as equally as any negatives.

DO: Be genuine.

When seeking out a reviewer, build a connection with them instead of just viewing them as a publicity opportunity. If you’ve done your research, reference why you think they would be interested in trying your item, and what value it will serve to them and their audience to post about it. Always remember that these contacts are likely flooded with products and offers, and getting something for free isn’t always a good enough incentive.

All in all, approach the reviewing process with thought and care, and worry less about getting items in people’s hands and rushing them to post, and worry more about getting them in the right people’s hands.

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