Six Things PR Pros Should Do After Landing That Major Article

By November 22, 2017Public Relations

Congratulations! You just scored that media placement you’ve worked hard for – but your work isn’t done just yet.

It’s important to promote your coverage to get people to see it and take internal steps to ensure your placement gets proper recognition. Follow these six steps to get the most out of your media placement.

Continue Relationship Building

Make sure you thank the journalist who covered you and continue to network with them. Connect with them on LinkedIn, add them to your media list and keep the line of communication open with them in case future opportunities arise.

If you or your client has a relationship with the journalist, he/she will be more likely to come to you for future opportunities and want to work together. Building a personal relationship with the journalist can keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Share it on Social

Now that you’ve thanked the author, share it on your social media channels. You want as many people as possible to see the news.

Mentioning the publication and author will not only make them feel special, but they will be more inclined to share it across their channels as well. You can also use hashtags, quotes or any other material in the placement to drive traffic to your article. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with followers and encourage them to like, comment and share your work.

Track and Evaluate It

Because you want to drive as much traffic to your article as possible, it’s important to keep an eye on the metrics, including social shares, links and referral traffic, all of which is extremely valuable information to your client. Plus, if the media mention links to a page on your website, it will drive even more traffic to the company website.

Arm the Sales Team

Now that you got the word out about your client’s newest product, make sure their sales team is prepared. Make them aware when a big placement hits so they can use it with their customers. There’s nothing like a little third-party validation to make the sales process smoother.

Add the Publication to the Client’s Website

Have your client add the publication logo and a link to the article on their website. Having a credible brand logo on the website will make the company more reputable. If they have an “In The News” section, link the article there so that people can see where the brand is being talked about.

Flaunt it, Frame it

You earned it; now show it off. Include your star placements in your portfolio, LinkedIn profile and resume. Whether you frame your placement, put it on your fridge or just add it as a line item to your resume, be proud of the work you’ve accomplished and let your friends and colleagues know about the great work you do.

Never let an exciting placement lose the hype again. Thanks to the digital world, there are numerous ways to amplify media coverage and get your piece the recognition it deserves. Learn more about digital PR.

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