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Like many of us in PR, I have a passion for journalism and storytelling, but in the world in which we operate, it can be difficult to find a story that breaks through the noise of a crowded tech space. When I search for stories to tell with my tech partners, I like to dig deep to find the gems hidden in a company’s past that accurately portray what a brand is all about, and take those to the media.

It takes buy-in from all the key team members, and it takes having some conversations you may not think are relevant, but that’s where the best nuggets are found. A funding announcement or press release is one thing, but people want to read about the times when executives had to work hard, spending late nights eating Chinese food figuring out how to run a company – for a simple reason: it’s humanizing.

With that in mind, here are some quick tips for finding your tech story to take to the public.

  1. Identify the ‘Why’ of your business.

Messaging is often the focal point of any PR program, and this is where it starts. Rather than talking about what you do – talk about why you do it, and what your business believes. If you’re a tech company with a competitive advantage, leverage that to tell your story. Odds are, you initially chose that direction as a company because you saw a unique solution to a problem. That’s your story.

  1. Designate Someone to Tell Your Company’s Story, and Dive Deeper into Their History, Too.

A story is only as good as the person who is telling it. Find the right spokesperson who can communicate that story and be credible. Often, the best person isn’t the CEO, primarily because they may not have the time to dedicate to storytelling. Look to the team members who helped build the company, have them share their stories – when you get someone with a wealth of experience going, you’ll find that they have a lot of unique and interesting tales from the company’s past. These little nuggets play very well with trade media.

  1. Start with the Founding, but Celebrate Successes Above All

A founding story is great to tell, but success stories are always good stories. Find the ones within your company that have elevated your customers, clients or partners. And rather than telling the story yourself, have them tell the story. This can be through a case study, of if possible, you can leverage a partner to take an interview on your behalf and discuss your partnership in full.

A PR program should involve diligent messaging planning, so take time and find out what makes your company special, and consider working with a team who can effectively tell your tech story.

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