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Three Tips for Pitching Tradeshows

By February 6, 2018 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

From planning to implementation and everything in between, events both big and small can be extremely hectic for the PR professionals who manage them. As easy as it may sound to get media personnel to attend a briefing with your client, the reality is, it can be far from simple.

Leading up to an event, editors get dozens of emails per day from PR pros wanting to set up appointments, so they usually plan their event schedules far in advance. In other words, when it rains, it pours, and that 1 p.m. briefing you hoped to schedule may have been sold out weeks ago.

So what can you do to go the extra mile when looking for media attending specific trade shows? Use these three tips:

Use Your Teammates

It’s likely your colleagues have experience booking trade shows in the past. If you’re faced with the task of media outreach, turning to your coworkers for support can help.

For instance, say your client requested two top-tier executive briefings, but you’ve only secured one. Here’s where you can ask your colleagues who they know, or whom they can introduce you to. Even if their contact isn’t attending the trade show, someone on their team could be.

Using your colleague as an intermediary can work to your benefit and help you score that extra interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Use Your Platforms

Cision is a great tool to use when you’re looking to see who will be on the floor at the next event you’re pitching.

If you aren’t familiar with Cision, it’s a PR life-saver. An important feature of the latest version of Cision allows you to see who is tweeting and writing about the particular trade show you’re pitching via the “Talking About” drop-down. Just as it sounds, this feature gives you insight on who is “talking about” the tradeshow you’re pitching in real time, so you can spark a conversation with that person, and hopefully score a briefing.

Use Social Media

Using social media to keep up with the editors you’re frequently pitching is very common – after all, public relations is all about maintaining the relationships you make.

Similar to Cision, you can use Twitter to see who is talking about the event you’re supporting. Whether an editor you’re following is tweeting about it, or you’re searching to see who is, it’s another trick to keep in your back pocket when you’re looking to build out your clients’ meeting schedules.

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