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Top 10 Construction Influencers of 2018

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We know what you’re thinking: Looking out at a construction jobsite, there’s no chance any of those guys are on Instagram, right?

Wrong… very wrong.

Our digital public relations work with clients in the construction, building and tool industries reveals the online influencer landscape is thriving. Not only are general contractors, construction workers, builders and other pros on Instagram, they’re active and engaged.

The Instagram accounts we monitor in the construction industry average more than 103,000 followers, and they’re growing at a rate of 10.53 percent with no sign of slowing down. They also average more than 215,400 engagements (likes, comments, shares) on their content over the past four months, with about 1,152 engagements per post.

Construction Audience Growth on Instagram

Growth of 20 Accounts Monitored in 2018

We’ve worked with many of the accounts listed below on projects for major tool manufacturers and construction organizations, with each campaign producing high-quality content and measurable results. From seeding products to influencers and their followers, our team’s generated creative ways to get our messages across, resulting in audiences that ask questions, get professional answers and see positive highlights of the brand.

Whether you’re a large construction company looking to increase your visibility, a guy on the jobsite looking for inspiration or a tool company looking to grow your influencer strategy, here are the top 10 construction industry influencers you should be following:

CanadianWoodWorks – Total Followers: 328,700

Contractors.Of.Insta – Total Followers: 244,600

KrugerConstruction – Total Followers: 176,000

Toolaholic – Total Followers: 175,400

Doing some outdoor distance tests with the new @boschtoolsna GLM400CL. – Ive been testing this for a few months now and Im throughly impressed. It can tackle everything I could ever need for residential construction. – Length, area, volume, indirect, stake out points, or continuous measurements are all possible with the unit, but what I appreciate the most is the ability to dial in the resolution you want for the job. – In the past you were stuck at say 1/32” accuracy, but now you can select 1/16 or 1/8 if needed. A welcome addition for running trim. – The large viewfinder allows you to find the exact point you are measuring to, without relying on the laser dot. – What do you use an LDM for most? – #bosch #laser #ldm #boschldm #boschtools #newtools #lasertape

A post shared by Tools Carpentry Construction (@toolaholic) on

BJmacWoodwork – Total Followers: 150,500

DrywallNation – Total Followers: 142,167

SonsOfSawdust – Total Followers: 141,600

Toolpig – Total Followers: 141,300

ProtoolReviews – Total Followers: 66,800

It’s no surprise that a utility knife is used for cutting all sorts of stuff. But have you ever used it for marking a cut line on wood when you don’t have a pencil? That’s one of the things our Pro team threw at us as a quick trick. . .
Yes, a shallow score mark may be harder to see than a pencil mark, but it’s a thinner and more precise mark, too. And if you’re framing or doing other rough work, making a score mark in the wood is not a problem. For finer work, make the mark either shallow enough to be sanded or part of the waste cut. . .
Even if you don’t like using your utility knife as a pencil, you still need a way to sharpen your pencil – which is easily done with a utility knife! . .
What are some non-traditional ways you use a utility knife? . .
Check out the full article at . .
#utilityknife #lifehack #work #knife #tools

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ToolsByDesign – Total Followers: 46,100

Cut to fit with Mineral wool insulation. Mineral Wool is extremely easy to work with and actually quite fun, much like a puzzle on the wall. Now, doing a whole probably isn’t much fun. It really does move pretty quickly once you get the process down. The @olfacuts LA-X snap blade knife worked great, the blades just dulled quickly and needed replacement. Advice: Get an insulation knife or bread knife to cut the pieces. Thank you to everyone who reached out with guidance and information as I tackled this project. Gloves used: @armorteksafegard Scorpion #insulate #insulation #olfa #mineralwool #construction #details #contractor #diy #diyproject #toolsofthetrade #handyman #instagood #remodel #renovation #renovate #hgtv #diytv #fixerupper #fun #puzzle

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