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Up Your Trade Show Research with

By March 16, 2017 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

Trade shows are crucial for clients. It’s an opportunity for them to showcase all their hard work to the industry, media, buyers and more.

So it’s only natural that you or your agency will be asked to step in and advise on which shows or conferences they should be looking into.

If you’ve never done this before, you’re probably thinking your first stop should be Google. You’re not wrong, but there’s another tool you should be using:

After doing some research of my own for a client, I stumbled across a site that I wasn’t expecting to find. An online, universal hub listing the top trade shows and conferences around the world.

At first glance, the interface is nice and easy to maneuver. You’re greeted with a list of featured events with a side panel of events from Popular Cities and Countries. After playing with the site a bit, the feature I liked the most was the search engine. After first clicking the box, a drop down menu pops up giving you four options:

  1. Trade Shows by Industry
  2. Trade Shows by Country
  3. Conferences by Industry
  4. Conferences by Country

You aren’t limited to selecting those parameters, but they are useful when starting a more general trade show search. If you have a specific industry you’re looking for, type it in and a few suggestions immediately pop out. Once you enter your search, results will filter chronologically.

I advise to use the left panel allowing you to filter results by Industry, Country and Event Type. Once you find an event you’re interested in learning more about you’re brought to a main event page laying out all the details that you and your client need to know. I thought this feature was really nice as, more often than not, in gathering research for shows, I found myself having to click through various parts of a show’s website to get some of the most basic information. I appreciate the simplicity that 10Times has to offer.

Something that main event pages don’t offer you but 10Times does is a list of attendees, whether that be press, exhibitors or just attendees in general. While that might not seem that cool or exciting to some, it is for us in media relations because it also provides us with a contact button in which we are able to connect with said attendee via email!

As you begin your initial research, you’ll also find that 10Times offers you an option to view similar events to ones you’re already looking at. I found that came in handy as I recently helped a client expand their search parameters.

So as you gear up for trade show deliverables, make sure you cover all your bases outside of your basic Google searches and prepare to wow your clients.

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