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What Do You Do? How to Articulate What You Have to Offer

By March 14, 2016 March 27th, 2018 No Comments

When branding your organization and creating its positioning statement, there’s one question that may seem easy to answer: What do you do?

Pinpointing these primary benefits and offerings, however, is decidedly much more difficult than you would imagine. The offerings need to be a strong representation of what your business is, remaining focused while also being broad enough to appeal to a wide variety of customers.

Determining these primary benefits and successfully communicating them is where many brands get stuck in the mud. How do you succinctly demonstrate your core services while somehow standing out from the crowd? According to marketing expert Jim Joseph, a lot of marketing experts have this problem.

“There’s a reason why this isn’t so easy,” Joseph writes in Entrepreneur. “In most industries and product categories, all of the functional benefits are pretty similar. It’s hard to differentiate between businesses that all compete in a given category just based on the functional benefit. They all typically ‘do’ the same thing, more or less. So you have to pick the one that at least helps to separate your brand from the rest of the pack.”

Think of over-the-counter pain relievers. They all claim to relieve pain and reduce fever. The same is true for energy drinks, which all tout eliminating fatigue, or how every bottled water company claims to offer the freshest drinking water.

This is why branding your company – and its services – is key. Experts say it’s important to identify and single out the one functional benefit that makes your organization unique among a sea of competitors. Even if your competitors’ offerings mirror your own, what is the one thing you can do better?

Apple certainly wasn’t the first company to mass produce MP3 players, but when the iPod came out in 2001, it was the only company that touted unrivaled simplicity and a futuristic design. Even at Tech Image, we put our money where our mouth is. We’re not the only company that does public and media relations, but we do use the latest digital techniques and tools in every service we offer (putting the “Tech” in Tech Image).

Determining what you do better than anyone else and effectively communicating that message is key. Choosing your primary unique benefits is a cornerstone of any successful brand positioning.

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