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Why Should Your Executives Care About Public Relations?

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When it comes to a company’s standard departments, executives get it; they understand that in order to sell products, one needs a sales team; to manage finances, one needs an accounting department; and to hire and retain top talent, one needs a human resources department. Simply stated, of course.

But what if your executives don’t understand the need for PR and the reasons behind hiring an agency with the know-how?

Please allow me to provide several supporting points using the handy-dandy fill-in-the-blank exercise below.

In order to ______________________, one needs PR.

  • Shape the Company’s Brand Narrative

The saying goes, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” And trust us, that “someone else” isn’t going to understand or communicate your story as well as you. Through different public relations tactics, companies have the ability to share unique facts and important details about the past, present and future of its business.

However, be clear with executives: In some cases, you don’t have control over the outcome of a story.

  • Earn Your Audience’s Trust

Unlike with advertising, public relations has the ability to earn your audience’s trust through third-party validation. However, building relationships with relevant media and audiences are just like building other relationships: They take time and effort to build.

Having a track record of trust between you and your audience is crucial to your overall brand – and it’s earned through transparency, quality, accountability and integrity.

  • Rule Share of Voice over Competitors

With a little twist, the saying in the first bullet can also apply here: “If you don’t tell your story, your competitors will tell theirs.” The opportunity for brands to increase their awareness is out there, across the media landscape and especially on social media.

Assume your competitors have a well-thought-out strategy to communicate their message. If you’re developing amazing products that stand up to your competition, but you aren’t telling anyone about it, your competitors are still No. 1 in the marketplace to audiences who are listening.

  • Manage a Crisis

No company is immune to a crisis. If you think your company is in the clear, please take my business card for a future “told you so” email.

Before this topic turns into an entirely separate blog, I’m just here to say: There are preventive measures companies can take before a crisis occurs. The first includes taking a long, hard look at your business and identifying where potential threats and crises exist.

  • Position Executives as Experts

Thought leadership is an integral part of your company’s content marketing strategy. This can take many different forms, including executive interviews, Q&As, company blogs and/or bylined articles. The purpose of thought leadership is to give your experts the opportunity to share their knowledge and lend their voice to industry conversations.

If you’re still not sure you’re going to convince your executives your company needs PR, see where your company stands with our Digital PR Best Practices checklist.

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