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Reviving a Stale Social Media Presence while Driving Awareness to Corporate Social Responsibility


While there are many benefits to being the largest publically held personal lines insurer in the United States, employing a fast and nimble social media program at scale became a challenge. The @AllstateNews Twitter account was failing to post at any regular cadence because tweets were often waiting for the green-light. The insurance giant needed a new strategy that creatively streamlined the approval process for the flurry of daily tweets that would build engagement and loyalty.

On top of that, the organization recently launched its corporate social responsibility microsite called This site features captivating videos that embody the Allstate brand. Leadership wanted to increase targeted eyeballs on the site, and fast, in order to meet year-end reporting goals. Tech Image had the answers.


In order to streamline the approvals while simultaneously updating the @AllstateNews Twitter account roughly 3-4 times daily, Tech Image employed the following social media strategy:

  1. Execute preliminary research with the most popular industry hashtags applicable to a variety of Allstate topics, generating a hashtag repository and quick-reference guide.
  2. Partner with the Allstate media relations team to receive a daily, curated list of news articles positively featuring the brand. Tech Image solved the slow approval problem by scheduling daily tweets using the exact headline from each published article (which were already approved). For each tweet, research both the publication and journalist’s twitter accounts, including them in the post for greater visibility. In addition, include one researched hashtag.
  3. In order to build a robust repository of socially active journalists that might follow Allstate, Tech Image added journalists’ Twitter accounts to a private Twitter list titled “Allstate Reporters” to monitor and engage moving forward.

Tech Image also paired the Twitter program with a new YouTube promoted videos campaign, utilizing Google AdWords to target specific consumers most likely interested in Videos were selected based on particular messages found on the microsite, with video advertisements both drastically increasing video views and encouraging viewers to find more information on


more activity and 440 percent more engagement
video views and 3.5 million impressions

During the first three months of the @AllstateNews Twitter program, Tech Image’s activity led to 1,452 clicked links and 270,128 organic impressions.

Because of the dramatically streamlined approval process with the media relations team, there was 674 percent more Twitter activity and 440 percent more engagement with the audience when compared to the same time period before the program began. Followers subsequently increased by 6.7 percent.

The results garnered from the YouTube promoted video campaign in conjunction with Allstate’s new corporate stewardship website were even more compelling: Tech Image’s management of the program resulted in nearly 45,000 video views across three videos, ranging from a campaign to end texting and driving to a domestic violence awareness PSA narrated by Kerry Washington. Total impressions reached nearly 3.5 million unique viewers.

This was all accomplished in the first three months and with a $4,000 YouTube advertising budget.

The Allstate Corporation is the second largest personal lines insurer in the United States and the largest that is publicly held. The company also has personal lines insurance operations in Canada.

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