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Bosch eBike Systems is creating the future of mobility with transportation methods that are healthy as well as economically and ecologically sustainable: pedal-assist electric bikes. Electrified, automated and connected, eBikes are some of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time.

Electric Bikes Gain New Ground at GoPro Mountain Games


Bosch eBike Systems is developing the future of transportation, and for many, that translates to the future of mobility, adventure and fun.

The GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, became the perfect stage to debut electric bikes to an entirely new audience and show the masses that eBikes are the perfect tool for exploring the great outdoors.

Tech Image partnered with Bosch to develop a media, social media and digital influencer plan that resulted in a surge of eBike demos at the event and months of ongoing residual buzz.

The Challenge


Bosch eBike Systems first partnered with the GoPro Mountain Games in 2018, making it a new adventure for the brand.

Would attendees be interested in electric bikes? Would the media bite on the interview pitches? Would there be a clear ROI from attending the event?

At first glance, the event’s attending media list looked rich and chock-full of potential opportunities. Plus, chronicling bike rides through the Rocky Mountains would be a visually stunning experience for social media followers.

Tech Image later learned, however, that more than half the event’s media list consisted of attending brands’ video teams and photographers, not real media. The Tech Image team who planned to attend the event to coordinate media and social media activities started to sweat.

The Idea


With the well of traditional media drying up fast, Tech Image quickly shifted toward social media influencer outreach.

Tech Image discovered and connected with 80 high-profile influencers to coordinate electric bike rides at the GoPro Games in hopes of dramatically growing the Bosch eBike Systems Instagram presence. From Olympic athletes to famous dogs on Instagram, we dug deep to find major names who would ride eBikes.

We also doubled down on our media relations efforts. After realizing the media list was lacking, Tech Image reached out to applicable reporters from Denver to Boulder, encouraging them to attend the Games. The team also prompted GoPro for immediate updates on media attendees, and coordinated a last-minute email blast asking all registered reporters to visit the Bosch demo area.

That’s on top of a renewed social media strategy. Our profile wouldn’t chronicle not only Bosch, but the entire event, creating a narrative for social media followers.

The Results


Tech Image secured:

  • Interviews and coordination with 20 members of the media from 18 publications
  • Two live morning television interviews with Bosch leadership
  • Two live radio interviews, with a woman later passing the booth and yelling, “I just heard you on the radio!”
  • Instagram posts and stories from OutsideTV, GoPro and Adventure Sports Network
  • Coordination with 80 high-profile social influencers
  • 173 percent increase in social media engagements during the event

Key Metrics


Media Interviews


Live TV and Radio Interviews


Social Influencer Engagements


Increase in Social Engagements

Get To The GoPro Mountain Games In Vail For Trail Runs, Biking, Yoga, & More

When you think of the GoPro Mountain Games, you’re probably picturing hardcore elite athletes duking it out to conquer all that the mountains have to give (all while strapped with a GoPro, of course). But just because you spend your weekdays in a cubicle instead of a kayak doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun.

Fast, fun and functional - Boulder Weekly

The headwind is powerful. It blows up the valley, scattering leaves, dust and debris, each gusting blast enough to send small children skyward. A kilometer in front of us we can see a road cyclist struggling, head down, into the maelstrom. Aileen looks at me and stomps on the pedals of her townie bike.

I just wanted to say very well done on the PR & social media activities at GoPro Games. It was a huge value add to have you guys there, not just for PR and social media support, but thanks also for supporting so much with demos when we got slammed. This event was a perfect example of using your PR and social media prowess to drive demo traffic and increase brand awareness locally / nationally… Thanks for your hard work! Already looking forward to GPG2019.

Jonathan WeinertBosch eBike Systems North American Sales and Marketing Manager
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