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Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch eBike Systems is creating the future of mobility with transportation methods that are healthy as well as economically and ecologically sustainable: pedal-assist electric bikes. Electrified, automated and connected, eBikes are some of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time.

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Leveraging User-Generated Content with Bosch eBike Systems


In October 2017, Bosch worked with Tech Image to create a community-powered social media strategy to reach, engage and inform audiences about eBikes. The user-generated-content (UGC)-driven approach allowed Bosch to showcase what’s possible on an eBike from the perspective of real eBike riders while using digital channels and social media more effectively.

The Challenge


Tech Image’s biggest challenge was the lack of awareness about pedal-assist electric bikes.

While Bosch eBike Systems North America had a small Instagram presence, Tech Image needed to reach a wider audience in order to inform and show people how eBikes could enhance their life.

The strategy needed to deepen the brand’s relationship with followers, grow its audience, generate beautiful branded images and foster engagement.

The Idea


Tech Image identified that authenticity was the key; slick product photography and videos weren’t going to resonate with the target audience of outdoor and healthy-lifestyle enthusiasts.

Instead, Tech Image used authentic, user-generated content, keeping the focus on real users and real experiences to showcase what is possible with an eBike.

The Results


The UGC strategy not only met, but surpassed the ambitious KPIs Bosch eBike Systems had set. Since introducing UGC into Bosch’s marketing strategy, the community of eBike users engaging with the brand and submitting photos for use has skyrocketed. In a nine-month period from October 2017 to June 2018, UGC has contributed to:

  • A 26.1 percent increase in followers
  • A 671 percent increase in the number of engagements, with 62,100 total engagements
  • A 906 percent increase in the number of impressions, with 1.5 million total impressions
  • 569 comments received
  • 61,600 likes received









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