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“Tech Image became a true partner, not only for our media relations strategy, but for how we positioned our entire business to customers. Between working with journalists, analyst groups like Gartner and even our own business leaders, Tech Image was as enthused and dedicated to our successes as we were. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

– Bob Dvorak, President, KillerIT

Building a Brand from Scratch to the Fortune 100


Build an entire brand from the ground up, educating decision makers to buy a product they didn’t even know they needed.

What’s it like building a brand from the ground up? That’s the challenge KillerIT faced as its leadership team sought to bring its innovative new technology software product to the world. As a division of the already successful Forsythe Technology, KillerIT wasn’t necessarily a traditional startup. However, with few client success stories under its belt and a leadership team seeking to disrupt drastically the way business was generally done at its legacy parent company, KillerIT had all the makings of a brand new business. That’s not to mention the roughly eight other, already established organizations that claimed to correct the same business challenges KillerIT perfected. Now, how do you convince America’s biggest brands they not only needed great IT, but “Killer IT”?

KillerIT is a division of Forsythe Technology, Inc., an IT infrastructure integrator and employee-owned company with more than 40 years of experience helping Fortune 1000 organizations solve business problems through technology. KillerIT, founded in 2013 by Robert Dvorak, is an application and portfolio management software suite. From the start, the organization had an inherent “startup” feel to it. With just 14 employees and a brand new product offering that identifies and prioritizes an enterprise’s most valuable applications, Dvorak and his small leadership team drew upon Forsythe’s decades of experiences while convincing information technology and financial services executives they actually knew very little about their IT landscape, essentially wasting millions of dollars. KillerIT had developed the solution.


Differentiate with a complete rebranding.

Educate the masses through content and media relations.

Infiltrate key verticals with industry-specific information.

Although KillerIT had an industry-leading product, it had little to no brand recognition apart from its association with its larger parent company, Forsythe Technology. KillerIT needed to do the following to succeed:

  • Completely rebrand itself. KillerIT needed to differentiate strategically its solution from the more than 10 more established organizations that claimed to “clean up IT.”
  • Educate the masses through placed thought leadership content and media relations. What is an application-centric infrastructure? How exactly are companies wasting millions of dollars? What could be done to help? These aren’t questions even CIOs and IT leaders asked themselves, let alone the CFOs who are most interested in saving money.
  • Infiltrate the verticals. Business leaders knew enterprises in the financial services, healthcare and retail industries allocated the most capital toward IT budgets (and therefore, IT application spending). They needed those decision makers to understand why KillerIT’s solution was important.


Media Placements
Monthly Readers

Tech Image secured more than 40 media placements for KillerIT in nine months in publications such as VentureBeat, WIRED, InformationWeek, CIO Magazine, Information Age, Chief Executive Magazine, Tech Target, and CFO Magazine including:

“The Key to Private Equity: Cutting IT Programs, Not People”

“CFOs: Why it Pays to Help Your CIO Become a Strategic Digital Business Partner”
CFO Magazine

“Old IT vs. New IT: Driving Digital Innovation in Enterprise IT ”

“Power Up Your IT Budget by Zero-ing in on Waste”


In total, the agency’s media relations efforts generated placements in targeted publications, totaling more than 26 million monthly readers.

Content specialists wrote more than 10 in-depth industry bylines the agency pitched and placed as contributed columns in specific media, resulting in perfectly crafted messages from KillerIT authors describing an application-centric infrastructure to help convince readers they needed to investigate further application and portfolio management software.

This activity led to three significant milestones that cemented KillerIT as a leader in the industry and a viable partner for some of the United States’ largest organizations:

KillerIT is the only IT portfolio management software suite that delivers a data-driven roadmap to translate IT into the ultimate operating model: Lean, and ready to drive digital business.

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