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OLFA cutting tools provide tool-free blade changes and multiple blade segments, ensuring users always have a sharp blade on the jobsite when they need one. As the inventor of the snap-off blade, OLFA utility knives are made from Japanese tool steel to create the best-made cutting tools in the world.

What Does Your #OLFACut?


OLFA produces high-quality cutting tools for everyone from makers and quilters to professionals on the jobsite. But while the name OLFA has become synonymous with the North American quilting industry over the last few decades, pros working in the trades still weren’t grasping that snap-off blades could be as tough and rugged as OLFA claimed.

By working with social media influencers in the construction and building industries, the Tech Image team quickly grew the @OLFACuts Instagram account following from scratch, creating an authentic social presence that not only explained but also showed professionals OLFA meant seriously sharp business.

The Challenge


The lack of awareness around OLFA’s professional lineup of products in North America was the biggest challenge.

The OLFA Cuts brand was missing an online presence, so Tech Image needed to create social accounts for the “pro” side of OLFA from scratch.

The page needed to look and feel authentic, and it needed to be an account that users in the industry would benefit from engaging with. But first, we needed the industry to follow the page, and to like what they saw.

Tech Image and OLFA partnered to develop an authentic personality in order to attract Instagram followers that were current users or potential customers.

The Idea


Tech Image identified an online community of hundreds of building and construction pros who were starting conversations about what tools they were using.

These weren’t your typical millennial influencers—these were jobsite and construction experts who came from different hands-on backgrounds.

In order to increase traction around the @OLFACuts account and brand, Tech Image enlisted select influencers for seeding campaigns, through which we’d distribute massive amounts of products to their qualified followers. These campaigns allowed OLFA to reach new audiences as well as get their product in new users’ hands. Once users had the tool in their hands, it suddenly all made sense to them.

After getting their new utility knife, Tech Image encouraged pros to show their Instagram followers what and how their #OLFAcuts. The idea was cyclical, and continuously generates a nearly endless flow of user-generated content.

The Results


Social media placements with building/construction influencers increased the @OLFACuts Instagram following and ballooned engagement. There was a steady growth in following once we initiated different seeding campaigns.

The following influencer posts are the hits that we saw a large return on:



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