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SKILSAW is a leader in cutting technology, serving the professional construction market under the SKILSAW brand and the consumer do-it-yourself market under the SKIL brand.

Launching MEDUSAW: A Digital Product Launch Introducing SKILSAW to New Professional Markets


SKILSAW is a household name; both professionals and consumers are familiar with the company’s worm drive saws and trademark SIDEWINDER saws. However, in anticipation of launching MEDUSAW, the company’s first concrete-cutting saw, company leadership realized they were relatively unknown in the concrete construction world.

Additionally, the company faced a minor identity crisis with its audience. After the company split into SKIL and SKILSAW, any new product launches under SKILSAW needed to target the pro user with a laser focus.

Tech Image developed a strategic media relations approach, custom landing pages and social media growth techniques to drive product awareness and brand loyalty in a new construction industry sub-section and create further understanding of the company.

The Challenge


SKILSAW may be a household name, but as the company revved up for one of its largest product launches of the year, it became clear the organization would need to get especially creative.

The company’s worm drive saws and trademark SIDEWINDER saws had a history of reliability with both pro and DIY users. However, prior to launching MEDUSAW, its first concrete-cutting saw, leadership realized they were relatively unknown in the concrete construction world.

Additionally, the company had undergone a massive rebranding effort in 2014, splitting the company into SKIL and SKILSAW to serve both DIY and pro users, respectively. Any new product launches under the SKILSAW brand needed to target the pro user with a highly strategic lens.

The Idea


The program began by selecting the most influential blogs, digital influencers and publications to receive information prior to the launch. Additionally, SKILSAW made a number of MEDUSAW units available for pre-launch media distribution, which Tech Image sent to selected media.

Simultaneously, Tech Image created a pre-, during and post-launch lead-generation campaign centering on custom landing pages. The teaser page simply featured the MEDUSAW logo, encouraging interested parties to sign up for more information. Just prior to the official launch, the agency released all MEDUSAW information to the remaining media. Hours later, phase two of the landing page went live, featuring product videos, specs, infographics, and articles/videos garnered through pre-launch media relations.

Phase three of the landing page went live once the product was available for purchase.

The Results


Tech Image earned placements within the industry’s most prominent construction and concrete media, read by more than 4 million contractors monthly. That’s on top of the landing page strategy, which bolstered the company’s digital marketing efforts.

Tech Images efforts earned SKILSAW 46 media placements in six months following launch; 100,000-plus social media video views; and 744 sales leads.



Media Placements


Social Video Views


Sales Leads

Within just a few months of joining the SKILSAW team, Tech Image dove in head first with the launch of MEDUSAW. We’ve looked at our own independent analytics, and it’s clear Tech Image made a significant impact on our business.

Linda MuellerDigital Communications Manager, SKILSAW

From our initial impressions, the new Medusaw feels like it's a durable, well-designed worm drive saw. This hand-held concrete scoring and cutting saw should be a good fit for serious professional tool users who want to tackle those intermediate jobs that don't require a full-power concrete cutter.

Kenny KoehlerPro Tool Reviews

Skilsaw's Medusaw is First Worm Drive Saw Specifically for Concrete

Skilsaw announced the first fully integrated worm drive saw designed to score and cut concrete. Until now, users had to create their own tool workarounds to score concrete by modifying a worm drive saw with costly third party or homemade attachments, and the results were less than ideal.

[VIDEO] SKILSAW Medusaw Dry and Wet Cutting Demonstration

The Medusaw can cut up to 2-in. depths and has a unique plunge lock system with a three-point alignment that facilitates accurate cuts and ensures clean entry and exit from the cut.

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