Developing successful content is the cornerstone of any PR program. Content breathes life into social media platforms, gives the media relations team ammo for PR campaigns, and arms the rest of your marketing program with new and interesting things to share.

So why do so many companies fall flat? It comes down to time, resources and knowing what will resonate. We can help with that.

At Tech Image, our team creates exciting forms of content, using SEO data to research what will resonate with buyers and developing campaigns around it. From case studies to blogs and graphic design, our team strategically develops content we already know your audience is asking for.


BylineD Articles


Give your executives a voice as an industry leader. Our content creators will interview your subject matter expert, research the industry and write compelling thought leadership bylines that get published in the media with your expert’s name as the author.

White Papers and E-Books


Some business solutions can only be illustrated by long-form content, which takes equally as long to write. Allow Tech Image to take on the task, interviewing the experts within your business and combining their thoughts with research on industry trends. Our graphic designers can give the finished piece a polished look and feel before you use it for sales, on social media and in media relations efforts.




Tell your story visually with an infographic – the perfect content asset for use on social media and media relations. Tech Image also specifically designs all infographics in chunks, ready to be broken up into individual pieces so each team gets more bang for their buck.

Blog Programs


Maintaining a blog is about so much more than simply posting short-form content to your website. Not only is it good for SEO, but updated blog content each month also gives media and social media teams tons of pitching ammo. Tech Image develops blog programs, organizes the calendar, interviews subject matter experts and writes all the drafts for review.


Case Study Creation


Stop singing your own praises and let your customers do the talking in a case study. Tech Image will coordinate and interview your customers to develop polished case studies in a graphically designed final package. Case studies are phenomenal tools for all marketing and PR efforts, as well as sales.

Video Content


Videos are often the perfect avenue to tell your story, allowing you to show, not tell. From short social media clips to long-form video content, our team works to develop video campaigns that resonate with viewers.

video creation



The photos you use for social media, marketing campaigns and PR outreach should be a reflection of your business. Tech Image has the creative eye to make photography stand out, from working with leading photographers for full commercial photo shoots, to simply getting the right shots at a trade show.