PR coverage by the most influential media builds brands and strengthens credibility, and can introduce your business to new buyers.

Tech Image not only has the expertise and relationships with key media; we also have the latest digital tools and techniques to garner the best coverage and then amplify it to new audiences.

Modern media outreach requires new programs that track where reporters land in the consideration funnel. Our public relations experts use a multitude of new PR software tools to constantly monitor your industry and find the reporters who matter, allowing our team to drive better results. Our reporting platforms reveal how your PR campaigns are developing over time, and how your results stack up against the competition.

Media Relations

Media Relations


Our team has extensive media experience – many as former print and broadcast journalists – making our outreach direct and compelling. We know good stories because we used to be the storytellers. Plus, our media relations programs guarantee a certain number of placements each month, meaning we’re always striving for results.

Media Amplification


Landing that perfect media placement is only half the battle. Because only a portion of your audience is tuned in to any given publication, we blend our media relations wins with social media advertising. By pushing that perfect placement to a hyper-targeted audience, we can ensure your wins in the media are garnering the right kind of attention.

Digital Influencer Engagement

Digital Influencer Engagement


Who do you prioritize with your biggest pitch or story of the year? Legacy news outlets and magazines bring decades of clout, but when a single Instagram user can land 10 times as many video views and 100 times the engagement, all bets are off.

Tech Image is experienced in developing programs specific to digital influencers, including identifying the biggest players in the landscape, the programs that resonate, and what budget might be needed to tap into their audience.


Event Support


Make the most of your event participation by partnering with Tech Image. We’ll handle all aspects of media engagement – from onsite social media support to journalist outreach and interview facilitation. We equip clients with a detailed briefing book prior to the event so they know exactly who they’re meeting with, and follow up with a debriefing book afterward, so the next steps are clearly defined.

Activation Events


We’ll help you create new events to launch new products or sign up new customers.

Media Tours


We will set up media events in your top geographic areas to help increase media coverage in specific areas where sales or events demand greater awareness.

English and Spanish PR


Our team is well versed in both English and Spanish language public relations, including developing campaigns that resonate with Spanish-speaking audiences. Allow your message and brand to reach an entirely new audience, and watch your business grow.

Digital Influencer Engagement

Crisis Communication


The best communications professionals expect the unexpected, and when a crisis knocks at your door, it’s important to have a PR strategy in place. By partnering with Tech Image, we’ll reinforce your core message to neutralize negative press and provide a proactive response, guiding you through a crisis so that your brand can rise above any circumstance.

Analyst Relations


Analyst relations is an important part of a thorough public relations strategy. By partnering with Tech Image, we’ll provide guidance to help you shape your business message to this important audience, helping you communicate your business growth and vision to differentiate you from competitors.



We take great pride in telling our clients’ stories – our success is your success. That’s why we recommend awards that will get your company noticed by the right decision-makers. Through extensive research of awards, program guides, speaker opportunities and other industry recognition, we’ll scan the landscape for you – so that you don’t have to.