When you know the topics that are disrupting your industry, it can help you better understand and predict customer needs. Capitalizing on these needs will in turn help build your brand’s reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

Developing a strong thought leadership content strategy helps your business build credibility and drive authentic engagement with your target audience.

At Tech Image, thought leadership management begins with researching the marketplace to identify topics that your business is equipped to examine and explain. By creating optimized thought leadership content, your posts will appear in organic search results, attract readers and contribute to the sales process.

Our content calendars are designed to organize topics and timing to maximize impact, helping to establish your brand as subject matter experts in your industry.

Our thought leadership consulting services focus on quality content—not just quantity. We collaborate with your brand’s experts to create search optimized content such as:

  • Byline articles
    Tech Image will interview your subject-matter-expert, write a 1,200-1,500 word perspective and get it published with your experts name as the author.
  • White papers
    We will write a 1,500+ word article after interviewing your experts and use it to build your thought leadership content.
  • Blog posts
    Our team will write 400-500 word blog posts with a weekly frequency to increase your social media engagement and help build your brand.
  • Editorial pieces
    We will write an editorial perspective by interviewing your expert/s and positioning it in influential media either in response to or in anticipation of important events.

Vision Solutions | Featured Case Study

Tech Image’s efforts resulted in consistent, monthly coverage of Vision Solutions’ thought leadership content, highlighting six different executives across different business sectors.

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